Research supports that variety and movement at work is beneficial to our health, we know that people who feel better, are able to work better. The Rise height adjustable desking system makes moving between sitting and standing an intuitive and natural behaviour. A holistic and modular system defined by crisp lines, accommodating both sitting and standing working postures, Rise brings a new level of individual choice to shared work environments.  The average worker spends 8 hours a day at their desk, research shows that many of us sit more than we sleep, height-adjustable furniture can reduce sitting time by up to 60%, giving great health benefits by a simple change of posture. Rise ease of adjustability promotes movement at work and the flexibility to vary your posture throughout the day, which ergonomists agree, counteracts the negative health effects of staying in any one posture for too long. We know that people who feel better, are able to work better.

  • 0.1W Standby Power
    Working ergonomically should not only be healthy for the user but also for the environment. While 0.1W standby power is our standard output when the desks are not in use.
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
    T-touch is a new anti-collision solution that Matic Degree developed to enhance workplace safety while still enjoying the comfort brought by height adjustable desks. When the sensor is alerted to objects in the way during operation, it will immediately stop operating in order to prevent collision and harm to the user or desk.


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