The concept behind Capsule is to provide micro architectural elements within the “open spaces” providing comfortable special places. Capsule created a synergy between task work, collabora- tion, concentration and meeting elements. Capsule brings an elaborate pleasing aesthetic to the office making it almost homely.
The Capsule 45mm thickness panel is structure composed by a combination of plywood and solid wood strips.Two high density foam cover the structure increasing the resistance and the acoustic absorption. Lastly cover by selected fabric with seamless stitching technique.
Panels are made of 3 fabric pieces: on the onside, the colour of the inner always match with the edge; on the other side, the outer of the panel, can have the same of different colour than inner and edge of the panel.
One of the great advantages of the Capsule panel system is its ease of build.There is no requirement for screws at each junction. With the use of simple male and female connectors the panels can be attached together in seconds: reducing installa- tion time.


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