Red Rock Office – Sydney

In 2011 we were approached by a client we had built a house for to design the new office for his company. In his opinion the house we had designed for him is still “the best house in the world” and he expected nothing less for his new office fit out. Indeed the only design brief other than the number of workstations to be accommodated was that it had to be “funky”. Read more

Airside HQ Office

Every so often we get requests for pictures of office spaces, and this happens to be one of those requests, though of course, fulfilled.

Airside is a design agency that performs any number of design related jobs, from branding to packaging, and from games and virals to t-shirts and graphic design. Let it be known that if you need a something design related, Airside can do it. Read more

Chiomenti Studio Legal Office, Hong Kong

The sleek new office at the Landmark, by Italian interior design company, Stefano Tordiglione Design, sets a precedent in style. Based in Hong Kong, the design team created the interiors for the reputed Italian law firm ‘Chiomenti Studio Legale’.

Read more

Sitting is dangerous

Newsflash: Sitting is the new smoking. Today, the typical office worker sits at a desk for 7.5 lethargic hours a day, dramatically increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, colon cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and depressingly more.

Humans aren’t designed for this much sitting around and it’s becomepainfully obvious, thus the recent rise of standing desks and even thisridiculous human-sized hamster wheel.

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Clearly, sitting for hours on end is killing us and that’s not something we should, well, take sitting down. Dutch visual artist Barbara Visser isn’t. She’s literally taking a stand against the dangers of sitting at work.

In an edgy new exhibit at Amsterdam’s Looiersgracht 60 Gallery, somewhat fittingly titled “The End of Sitting,” Visser and her cohorts at RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances) envision a more active, upright office environment. Well, mostly.

Their futuristic interior design/modern art hybrid visualizes the death of cubicle-itis and the birth of “an experimental work landscape.” It’s a crammed, maze-like simulated office expanse that’s reminiscent of a skateboarding park and completely void of those classic enablers of poor circulation and poor posture — desks and chairs.

In their place are an array of bulky, angular light-gray slabs of what might be concrete. We hope they’re made of something softer and more comfy. Not too comfy, though. After all, Visser created the unfortunately drab slabs to encourage exhibit visitors to experiment with various working positions, ideally standing. Oddly, though, some are pictured — gasp! — lying down on the job, a cardinal sin even we pajama pants-clad telecommuters wouldn’t be caught dead doing. Others are even, go figure, sitting.

Alexander Interactive – New York City, USA

The New York City based design firm, Alexander Interactive, recently redeveloped their new office space with the help of BR Design Associates. The space is located in the Flatiron District, providing a vibrant space for staff to be productive in. The company is a growing e-commerce company that specialises in website design and branding. With the belief that quality design translates to an increased quality of work-life, the project designer worked closely with the client to create a space that would reflect their quirky company identity while satisfying the specific needs of their work style.  Read more

Walt Disney Company – Moscow, Russia

The Walt Disney Company has had an office in Moscow since 2011, based in the Novy Arbat Street area of the city. The space was created by UNK Project, who also recently redesigned the office of “Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing” located in the business center Stanislavsky Factory. Read more

BBVH transform church into web design office in the hague

Previously located above a scheveningen fishmonger, the web design company acato decided they wanted something more central and a bit less smelly. transforming an old 19th century church situated in the center of the hague, dutch architecture firm BBVH worked with their client to refurbish the worn out structure. the building went through a rigorous upgrading, as it was completely dilapidated and didn’t meet any of the current standards of comfort, isolation, safety and sustainability. Read more

Playful and Fun Office Design – GoGo Squeez

While GoGo squeeZ is well known for their fun, yummy pouches of applesauce, the company wanted to bring that same kind of playfulness to their headquarters and with the help of Luca Andrisani, of Luca Andrisani Architects, the new offices achieve just that. Read more