Open Plan Office Design Ideas

Twenty-first century workplace designs have undergone a dramatic transformation from traditional office layouts that typically consisted of individual workstations sectioned off with partitions. The open office layout reflects changing work cultures and is rapidly becoming popular due to the impressive benefits associated with open office plans.

A well-designed open plan can boost employee morale and inter-personal communication, improve productivity and eventually profits. Challenging issues like the ability to balance office communication with privacy can seriously impact company profitability.

What are some of the important advantages of adopting an open plan office layout?


Improved communication between employees

It’s much easier and less time-consuming to simply lean across your workspace and ask your colleague if the sales reports are due in on the coming Wednesday. Consider the old office design. You’d have to probably make an internal call first, enquire to see if your colleague is free to talk for a minute and then walk across to his room.

Besides the valuable saving on time, the minimal visual barriers make it easier to practice office protocol and show courtesy for a coworker’s time. On a more subtle level, open office plans encourage a freer and faster exchange of ideas and information leading to greater productivity.

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Better scope for supervision and collaboration

An open plan office layout is much suited to supervision by senior management as the staff are all in one place. The transparent layout also increases employee accountability as the supervisor is more likely to spot time-wasters.

If a supervisor or department head wants to hold an impromptu meeting, he can simply assemble the required participants right there on the floor instead of planning for a ‘formal’ meeting. Open office plans are excellent for encouraging teamwork and flexibility minus the time-wasting frills.

Open Plan Office Layouts boost staff morale

The transparent and ‘one-level’ seating encourages staff morale and reduces inter-staff jealousies and discontent. The lack of physical barriers acts as a spur to building trust and team spirit. Human beings are social beings and the ability to interact with coworkers lightens the mood and helps add value to workplace relationships.

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Great savings on office rent

One of the biggest benefits is the significant amount of savings on renting commercial spaces. Open office designs are much more affordable and easily fit into your company budget. You can also accommodate a higher number of employees by opting for an open office plan as opposed to traditional cubicles.

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