The Latest Office Design Trends

2014 is full of new ideas and trends. Why not implement something new in your office to make it that much better? This list is as helpful as it is trendy.


Brighter Colors: Add some color to your work environment! A fresh, bright look in your office will make working a more positive experience. Red stimulates the body and mind. Orange increases energy levels. White creates a sense of space. Implement colors into your office to bring out better emotions and behavior.

Better Chairs: It is so important to be comfortable when you work. Not only will you be more productive in a comfortable setting, but your body will thank you in the long run. Between carpal tunnel, back and neck problems, it is just not worth the medical problems that come from strain at the office. Invest in an ergonomic chair that helps your posture.

Useful Accessories: Not just for aesthetics, accessories can have real function. It is important to make use of accessories to make your life easier. Instead of straining your neck all day looking down at your iPad, invest in an iPad holder.


Open spaces: Instead of cubicles with high walls that separate you from your coworkers, look into ones with lower walls so that you and your coworkers and actually work together.

More Tables: Place extra tables throughout the office to allow for people to meet and collaborate more comfortably.

Lounge space: Create a soothing lounge area for people to take a break, or even for groups to meet and get creative. The mind works better when the body is comfortable.

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