Best Ergonomic Chairs in The Market

There are few pieces of furniture out there that will specifically impact your work performance like a quality ergonomic chair will. Ergonomic office chairs are a key component of the entire work area, affecting the ways in which we work, and a great seat in your office can mean a world of difference for the way you interact with your surroundings.

For best utilizing your time in the office and keeping your body healthy, the best desk chairs are going to be the ones that really help improve your posture, promote circulation and provide a great sense of stability as well. The key component here is to keep your body in a position of constant motion so that blood circulates and nothing becomes stagnant and unused. Some of the best practices happen to be with a slight bend in the hips and a 90 degree angle at the knees to be most comfortable.

We’ve taken some serious time to delve deep into the world of office chairs to really compile a list of the 15 best ergonomic seats for your work space, and are excited to share our favorites with you below.
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How do you even begin to describe the Embody chair? Like the Rolls Royce of ergonomics, this task chair is a fully adjustable masterpiece. Starting with the frame of this seat, Embody replicates the look, feel and movements of a spine. The seat is designed to move with every shift and wiggle of your body, so that nothing is left stagnant and blood flows all day to keep the heart rate at a steady pace. Theultimate sitting experience comes with a bit of a price tag, but when Bill Stumpf (one of the Aeron Chair creators) makes a seat that improves upon a modern design icon, you’d better bet it’s a supreme choice.

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Håg’s whole mission is about the art of movement. Making movement while sitting is proven to be ideal in any ergonomic situation, and the unique design of the Capisco seating line offers up an intuitive way to sit. Capisco’s one of a kind shape features cutouts and shapes that allow for straddling, sitting regular, leaning over one side and offering unlimited ways to sit. [Håg]

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Sitonit provides one of the more popular task chairs for a great price point, and the contemporary stylings make it easy for ‘Focus’ to fit in anywhere. This comfortable chair offers a mesh back and a waterfall seat so as not to block off circulation from the hips to maxmize blood flow throughout the body. The Focus family also offers side chairs and executive pieces to have varying seating perfect for all areas of work.

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The newest addition to Herman Miller’s line up, the Mirra 2 is a more definitive spin on the classic Mirra chair. This new version offers more adaptability and responsiveness in its lighter weight frame for a more streamlined experience. Everything from the butterfly seat back to the intuitive seat are working together to make the experience of sitting in Mirra 2 a more enjoyable one. Having this lighter version of the standard Mirra also uses less product which in turn counts for less of a carbon footprint, making the chair a more green option than some alternatives.

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Humanscale’s entire brand revolves around ergonomics and their product breadth spans any and everything related to helping you work healthier. Their Saddle seat is one of Humanscale’s award winning pieces that encourage a saddle like posture. Being seated in this position helps the spine to adjust into a natural curve that’s ideal for a touchdown type setting or even an ottoman style rest.

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Swivel seating with modular capabilities is what the ‘Impulse’ chair is all about. add or subtract arms, a backrest and everything al with the push of buttons. Reclining angles, height and tilt mechanisms are all identified clearly for users and everything is easily adjusted to adhere to suggested ergonomics. Both sophisticated and smart, Impulse lets you take the chair with you on your quest to fulfill every last whim– with your office chair of course.

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Again with the constant belief system of movement and blood circulation, the Muvman stool by Aeris won this year’s (2013) Neocon Silver Award. A sleek and simple design offers up an easy way to sit or stand and allows for balance from within your body and a stabilized seat available in a multitude of colors. the design of the stool is ergonomic in itself, weighing less than 14 lbs and the rear low-back is also formed as a handle for easy transport. There is a 13″ height range in each of the two models that’s suitable for all body sizes.

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Designed by Yvés Behar for Herman Miller, this mid-price range seat just so happens to be a beautiful representation of ergonomic chairs as well. The Sayl chair offers up varying levels of adjustability and showcases its beautiful suspension back system that flexes and moves with you as needed. While the name is inspired by a sail shape on a boat, the Y-back of the structure and the initial inspiration is a nod to the Golden Gate bridge; a huge part of Behar’s backyard. Sayl is available in an upholstered back as an alternative. Coming in fun color ways and a variety of seat fabrics, Sayl is makes an impactful statement in any space.

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There are a ton of ergonomic task chairs out there, built for hours and hours on end of tedious computer work– but there are few executive or conference chairs that follow suite. The Foray line of seating offers up a unique look that appears similar to the executive offices and functions like an office chair that you’d want at home. Possessing a mechanism that pivots with the body’s natural disposition, the ‘Foray‘ provides the perfectly seamless balance between the two looks and functions.

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If you’re a technology buff, the ‘Gesture’ chair is the first of its kind. Created to seat us in perfect harmony with the technology world of today, this chair is all of that and more. Being the recipient of this year’s Best of and Gold awards, Gesture offers up a way of adjusting automatically for use on smart phones and tablets. Available this fall, you can be the first to experience Gesture for yourself with all of your tech devices.

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Though this breast cancer edition is limited to a specific number of pieces in either graphite or white, the ‘Torsa‘ chair itself has great design lines and movement whether or not you’re able to get your hands on one of these chairs. Torsa is nature inspired with supportive sliders on the seat and full adjustability that really complements its cutting edge design lines.

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Studio 7.5 designers created this variation of the beautifully designed Setu chair to accommodate a higher situated work surface. The understructure of this chair is a simple, sophisticated and sleek with a nautilus shell inspiration to the visual appeal. The only adjustment on this chair is the height, and the seat basically does the rest for you! Not meant to be sitting in for hours upon hours on end, the Setu stool is a great option for those needing a collaborative space with a stylish and comfortable ergonomic alternative to an executive or strictly performance chair.

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Remaining comfortable in a seated position for long periods of time is practically impossible, but with the Freedom Chair (complete with headrest) there’s hope. The uniquely positioned headrest allows the user to recline in a huge way, including a weight sensitive recline that’s perfect for allowing your body to move the way that is inherently most comfortable.

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While we understand that some ergonomic price points have people questioning whether or not they need all of the fancy gizmos and gadgets that come along with such advanced seating, HON offers an entry level price point with plenty of style. Simple and clean lines are paired with comfortable cushioning to provide all of the support necessary for the endless aesthetic options of Volt. Tilt every which way, adjust everything to your heart’s desire with this seating option.

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Last, but certainly not least. We saved this cult classic award winning chair that’s been seen in movies and tv everywhere for last because of its obvious design aesthetic and proven ergonomics. It’s the chair that I personally sit in everyday and provides support while still remaining flexible. The Aeron comes in three different sizes– each made to best sit different body sizes and offering up a more customized level of support.