Tips for Making Your Office Feel Both Comfortable and Professional

f you typically spend more waking hours at the office than in your own home, you might as well make your office scenery one that you can enjoy. Here are five tips to create a homey atmosphere in your office while still maintaining professionalism.

1. Display Family Photos

Remind yourself of the reason why you go to work every day by displaying family photos in your office. In addition to the customary small photo on your desk, you can add additional photos on the walls, on your shelves or as your computer wallpaper.

2. Use Lamps

Nothing says cubicle like harsh overhead lighting. If you have your own office, bring in a lamp or two for better, softer reading light. Even if you use the lamps in addition to the overhead light, it will still brighten the place up a bit and save your eyes some strain.

3. Decorate

If your office is bare, brighten the place up a bit. Place a few plants by the window and hang a few pictures on the wall. You may consider framing some of your children’s best drawings for a modern and whimsical display.

4. Bring in a Mini-fridge

If you are the type of person who always needs to snack as he works, a mini-fridge is a great way to make yourself comfortable while you put in the long hours. Not only will a mini-fridge help you be comfortable, but offering office guests snacks can help them be comfortable as well.

5. Change Out the Furnishings

If you are allowed to, you may consider switching out a few of the office furnishings. Cover the bland white plastic blinds with some beautiful and colorful curtains and bring in a comfortable armchair you will love to curl up in. You are only limited by your creativity.