Your Office Cubicles Can be an Investment

Would you believe that office cubicles and furniture can be an investment and that you can have an ROI on the furniture you buy?

It seems a bit counter intuitive that office furniture can be viewed as an investment. Think about this:

  • Office furniture can impact your brand, recruiting and sales.
  • Office furniture can affect how efficiently you use valuable office space
  • Your office furniture can dramatically affect employee productivity.

On the first point, consider how potential customers and employees will view your company when they come to your office. If you have low quality furniture that doesn’t maximize the value of your brand image these individuals may be less inclined to have a positive impression of your company.

Next, realize that some inflexible pre-fabricated office cubicles may cause you to lose valuable floor space and burden you with a recurring cost in lost workspace month after month.

Finally, furniture that is not designed and manufactured to be ergonomically friendly can reduce employee productivity and again can cost you money month after month. Poor ergonomics can also increase your healthcare costs.

This is why at Matic, we strongly believe that your office furniture should be viewed as an investment. We know our furniture enhances sales and recruiting because that has been our customer’s experience. When it comes to maximizing space and employee productivity our furniture is custom designed and manufactured to use your office space efficiently and provide employees with an ergonomic work environment that improves their productivity.