What’s your office chair sitting style?

Are you reading this from an office, public seating area, or meeting room setting? Take a look around you. Note how everyone around is parked in a variety of positions, postures, and angles (you might then want to note your own). We all have our own way of comfortably sitting down on an office chair…

I’m what an ergonomist would call a slouching nightmare (learned over years of playing real time strategy/FPS games alongside countless hours working in Photoshop, both which feel most comfortable while in a relaxed slouch state). I sit at about a 35 degree angle, with each cheek dug into the padded foam seat cushion like an infantryman in the trenches for support, the top of my shoulders pushed into the backrest, the resulting posture not all too different from this position. Yet, I can work for hours on end without any issue in this “don’t try this at home, kids” position.

Despite all the advice about “how to sit correctly”, the truth is we all settle into a seat differently. Some people naturally pull their legs up akimbo onto chairs (I call this the “20-something young lady” seated position), others are cliffhangers, stationed just at the edge of their seats all day, tempting both fate and gravity. And then of course, there are the fidgety types who spin, roll, and squeak their way throughout the day changing positions every moment like an excited subatomic particle to the chagrin of those stationed near them.

The infographic below from UK chair retailer, ChairOffice, amusingly illustrates ten types of task chair sitters and their supposed connected personalities:


But if your back and shoulders aren’t feeling so great throughout the day, you might want to adjust how you sit, or even which chair you’re sitting in.