Office Accessories Can Make the Space

Planning your office requires more thought than one might think; an office is more than a desk and a chair, though those are certainly critical elements. You’re going to need space that is suitable for the type of work you do, the appropriate hook-ups for whatever technology is part of your job, like computers, printers,electrical adapters for other devices. A comfortable chair that offers excellent support is essential.
As much thought as you put into the ‘big pieces’, planning is also an important requirement in the area of accessories; you will want to pay attention to not only their form, but their functional abilities. Often it’s the little things in an office that will make your workload easier.

An organizer hutch, behind or beside your desk will provide storage areas for files, books, and equipment. Many are equipped with wire management slots, so you aren’t faced with ugly bundles of cable running across your desk top, floor, or down the wall.

Keyboard trays with tilt arms provide an ergonomic approach to the hours spend at a computer. A comfortable angle when typing will make your work less fatiguing.

Pivoting monitor mounts provide additional comfort at your work station, by having your monitor in a direct line of sight that doesn’t require leaning or squinting to see the screen. If your work, or you are the type that prefers to use two monitors simultaneously, there are dual pivot mounts as well,and they are available in a variety of finishes to match your office decor.

It may be “clothes make the man”, but sometimes “accessories make the office” and you should keep that in mind when planning your work space.