Newest Trends in Office Design

The design of your office should reflect the changing needs and expectations of your employees and clients. In fact, when you incorporate the latest design trends into your workplace, you can retain talent, increase productivity and increase your bottom line. However, just what are some of the newest trends in office design?

Open Offices

More and more today, workstations are becoming more open. What this means is that partitions are either being eliminated or their height is being dramatically lowered. This allows for better employee interaction. However, there are some exceptions to this as in the case of executives or others who deal with confidential matters.

In these cases, glass partitions are being used rather than drywall. Not only does this maximize lighting throughout the office, but it gives the workplace a cozier feel. For those professionals who need a bit more privacy, translucent panels or frosted glass are perfect options.



With more people than ever being concerned about the environment, if you are a business owner or manager, you may want to look into designing your office with environmentally-friendly products. By using green furniture and appliances in your office, you can add a natural element to your work space, reduce waste and save energy.


It is a fact that no two businesses are the same. However, it is also true that every business changes over time. While some businesses may grow, others may get smaller. As such, a popular new trend in office design today is to offer flexibility for your work space to be adjusted as necessary.

This can be in the form of movable walls, detachable partitions or sliding doors. Any of these choices can make re-configuring your office space much easier and more affordable. These are just a few of the newest trends in office design today. Some other things you may want to consider includes custom conference rooms, partitioned “quiet” rooms and smaller workstations.