Creating an Efficient and Comfortable Home Office

In recent years, modern technology has allowed more people the convenience of working from a home office as opposed to dealing with long commutes, traffic delays and the daily office grind. Although it’s hard to rival the comforts of one’s own home, long days will still undoubtedly be spent in the home office. So designing this space to be efficient and functional as well as comfortable is imperative. Designing a work area you will love is key to enjoying the hours spent there and increasing productivity.

Establishing a Theme

Because so much time will be spent in this space, it is absolutely critical to establish what décor you find to be most comfortable and inspiring.

Traditional décor is still a favorite when it comes to designing the home office.  Large wooden desks are complimented with dark woodwork and warm accents. Gorgeous oriental throws compliment natural flooring, and desk lamps offer a warm, calming glow, collectively creating a comfortable workspace.

The more contemporary home office welcomes a brighter workspace. Whites and neutrals establish a great energetic base, and splashes of color are often added via décor or painted accent walls. Furnishings can vary from rustic to modern. Anything goes! Most importantly, select these furnishings based on personal interest and comfort. It’s important to create an inviting space that you want to spend time in. Know what you love and roll with it.


Designing Within Your Space

It’s important to design the space you have in an efficient manner. Select furnishings that fit the space, and consider going vertical if you have limited space. Added shelving can house items that otherwise may occupy precious floor space. An example of this might be files, books or paperwork often stored in filing cabinets that can be easily accommodated loosely on shelves or in baskets.

For studio spaces or in homes where a separate room is simply not available for an office space, consider creating a separate corner space in the family room or even utilizing a portion of a spare bedroom as office space. Choose a location where privacy is increased and noise levels are reduced.

Furnish it With Organization

The home office is the one room in the home where organization cannot be sacrificed! It’s important to choose furnishings bearing this in mind.

Your most important purchase is the desk. Select this piece according to your personal needs, keeping comfort in mind. The size should be adequate to accommodate whatever technical equipment your work dictates, such as printers, computers or phones. It should also leave enough surface space to comfortably write and organize paperwork for current projects. Make sure the desk you choose is sturdy enough to support your demands and also offers plenty of drawer space to keep all your necessities tidy and conveniently stored.

Place your desk near a window for natural lighting, ventilation and outdoor views. Add additional desk lamps to ensure efficient lighting options are available any time of day.

Consider purchasing ergonomically designed furnishings such as chairs or wrist rests for your home office. Adjustable components are offered that can be tailored to modify your workspace according to specific job requirements. Keeping ergonomics in mind when designing for your home office can lead to increased health benefits as well as efficiency.

Aside from your desk, additional storage is often required. Filing cabinets, baskets and shelving are all great options to help maintain organization.

Personalize Your Space

Hours upon hours are often spent in the home office. Aside from function and efficient design, comfort is also essential. Add personal touches such as photos, travel memoirs, plants or flowers, and even scented candles that invoke a relaxed, contented feel. Create an atmosphere that contributes to a more productive workspace.

Whether you occupy your home office for eight hours per day or simply utilize the space to pay bills and hop online for some retail therapy, consider the tips above to ensure efficiency, function and comfort.