Home Office Design Ideas Come to Life

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are two of the most inspiring people you could ever want to meet. They work together managing one of the top marriage and parenting sites and needed some home office design ideas to make better use of their space. Their shared workspace needed to be stylish, functional, and comfortable enough to kick back in when working late nights.


The foundation was set for the home office design with their long work surfaces, chairs, and loveseat. We just needed a few touches to warm up the sterile room and some smart storage solutions that would not consume too much of their floor space.


First, we turned up the heat using a warm neutral with a hint of color like Glidden’s Cypress Grass and tossed in a few spicy orange accessories for a pop of color. Magazine files, lamps, drapery, rugs, and pillows all provided other opportunities for color in addition to painting the walls.


Sturdy floating shelves are great for providing handsome storage and a space to display photographs, awards, and sentimental mementos that inspire you while your work. When using an open storage system like this one, incorporate boxes on top shelves for items that aren’t used on a regular basis. Keep items you use daily on lower shelves to make sure what you need is always within arm’s reach.

When searching for home office design ideas, look for spaces that speak to the way you like to work. Oftentimes, Lamar likes to leave his desk and work from the sofa for a change of pace. The couple also has a media production company in which he spends long hours editing videos for their independent films and outside production projects.


Movie posters from their current films are proudly displayed as a reminder of all they have accomplished.


The office has a command center which boasts a printing station and even more closed storage for some of the less attractive necessities like copy paper or office supplies. They also have a large white board where they can jot down meetings, post the latest news, and display important reminders.


It doesn’t take a lot to create a home office that is both attractive and efficient. There certainly isn’t a shortage of inspiration for home office design ideas. However, the key to making your dream workspace come to life is to know what type of environment makes you more productive. First focus on your individual needs, then gather pieces that speak to your personal style. Happy Decorating!