Call Centre Furniture Mistakes To Avoid

The common mistake people make when shopping for new contact center furniture is thinking about it as a commodity, purely a price driven purchase decision. Finding furniture in a catalog, getting 3 quotes, and going with the lowest price is often not the best business decision. You need to find a call center furniture layout that will help to improve your business.

We have found that the 3 most common mistakes people make when purchasing furniture for their call center are as follows:

  • Too small of a work station
  • Failure to consider wire management
  • Lifetime cost
With Interior Concepts furniture and our state of the art design software capabilities, we can help your organization by providing you with outstanding furniture for your MVP – Most Valuable Product (your team).
#1 Too Small of a Workstation
Employees are one of the biggest assets in contact centers, and turnover is one of the biggest expenses. Over the years we have found that stations that are at least 42” inches wide help create a better environment for employees. Smaller workstations do cost less up front, however, the bigger cost may be turnover. When stations are built wider this creates a better environment for the employee, which in turn can help improve employee retention for the employer.
#2 Failure to Consider Wire Management 
When powering your facility it is important to consider wire management early on in the process. Running data cables and power are only one consideration. Think about accessing these items after the initial installation. I have been informed time and time again from IT specialist how much they love working with our large “Chase” wire management system. They can easily access the power and data at the point of contact from each user’s station through an access panel, which creates fewer interruptions. As an added benefit, some customers choose to store their CPU’s in the Chase system and even add a lock to add another layer of data security.
Wire Management
#3 Not Looking at the Lifetime Cost of Ownership
Consider your lifetime cost of ownership in your furniture decision. This is an often missed step when considering the price of your furniture. I have found that facility managers often over look the cost of having maintenance personal fix and repair panels and end caps. If your system has a raceway or end cap that is constantly falling off, someone is getting paid to come by and fix or replace these pieces. I also found that if you are constantly replacing work surfaces or cantilever mounts because someone used the desk improperly you end up spending more in repair costs than if a more dependable furniture system had been purchased.
I love it when I receive a call from a valued customer who purchased a system from us 15 years ago and wants to update their center. We have their original plans on file, can make new modifications and reuse as much of their existing materials as possible. We have helped our customers save huge amounts of dollars by reusing the steel frame and just adding new work surfaces or panels. Over time these customers can keep current with the times knowing they will not need to purchase a complete center.