How to add class to your office?

You can design an office using a variety of styles like traditional, contemporary, or a blend of styles. However, in all cases your office should look elegant and classy. For example, if you want to design a contemporary office, add class through changes to four room elements:


1. Ceiling and Floor

Before you decide about the furniture, the main emphasis should be given on walls, ceiling and floor. A blank ceiling would make an office dull. Make it elegant by creating drop panels. A drop panel ceiling is a form of false ceiling that may be made from plaster or wood. Depending on the room size you can either form the drop ceiling shape in a curve or can keep it straight. Never use two colors, instead paint all layers with the same color. Such ceiling should be added around the edges leaving the central part as original.

The floor is another prominent element that should be very attractive and classy. A wood floor is a reliable choice, as wood is long lasting, easy to maintain, and stays clean for the whole day. Choose solid wood or laminated flooring, depending on your budget.

2. Walls

Walls are prominent elements of a room, so they should look elegant. Never try to use too many colors. Instead, use the same color tone for an entire wall. Break the monotony by putting a wall painting near a sitting area or behind the desk. Add a stylish but functional cabinet on the wall behind a desk. A natural and everlasting material, wood can be used in both modern and traditional offices. A wall covered in wood paneling looks really classy. To direct the eye and focus, apply wood paneling to one wall, leaving the remaining walls painted.

3. Furniture

For a modern office, the furniture should be modern and stylish. If the room is large, use heavy working table and an elegant leather executive chair. But if the room is small, use a sleek table with glass top and metal base. There are many faux leather chairs available for both executives and visitors, which can add class to a contemporary office. If there is a separate sitting area for a small meeting, use leather sofas with metal bases. Such furniture looks more elegant having a wooden floor below.

4. Lights

Lights play a most important role in enhancing an interior. An office needs not only functional lighting, but also spot and hidden lights. In a ceiling with drop panels, install lights in the hidden parts so they enhance the ceiling design. A blue light can be an effective and elegant addition. Where there are painting on the walls, place spotlights above each. More lights can be added in the false ceiling for general-purpose reading and work.